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Due to the quarantine, there may be delays in receiving and sending transfers for an indefinite period. Thank you for your understanding. 


Please, be informed that from 31st of December till 8th of January due to the Public Holidays in our country most of the banks are closed and all instant Money Gram, RIA, Korona Pay, Western Union and Contact transfers will be processed with delay up to a few days. Thank you for your understanding.


Please note that 4th and 6th of November are holidays in Russia.  All banks are closed and all money transfers of Money Gram, Western Union, Ria, Contact will be receiving  and sending with delay up to 48 hours.  We will do our best to process your orders fast as possible. Thank you for understanding


Hot rates

Direction Fee Min fee
PM USD WU USD 4.9 % 39 USD
PM USD MG USD 4.9 % 29 USD
PM USD Cash US USD 4 % 0
PM USD AlfaUS USD 4.8 % 0
PM USD AlfaRU RUB 5.9 % 0
Advcash USD WU USD 4 % 29 USD
T USD AlfaUS USD 0.48 % 0
T USD AlfaRU RUB 0 0